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Tanni-hal calling Kraon out on his BS is something I've been looking forward to for months! In fact, there are lots of people who've been up to derp things that I'm generally looking forward will get their dues in time XD So it's super rewarding that I'm finally getting to the first iteration of this, hehe.

In other news. My plans to start a patreon page sometime in the next couple of weeks has been postponed for the time being since they're changing their pledge fee system and it's kinda... well... objectively it's better for businesses but practically it slams the community aspect of the thing in the first place so I'm actually thinking of maybe waiting on D.rip if they don't backpedal on that decision. I'll keep ya posted.

In other, other news, Today I'm gonna be watching the Game Grumps live show! It's gonna be amazing! Arin is probably sick already but he's gonna go on stage and scream his head off like a champ XD;; bless