Supercell Comic

And this is the point where Fangs went ''Holy crap, I thought OZ was the messed up one. This kid never even had a tidy something to mess up to begin with!'' and it all went downhill from there lol.

As I was getting ready to upload this page, I was reminded of that weird argument terminally online people have about whether villains should or shouldn't be written sympathetically and have real/understandable/relatable reasons for their villany; in part because at a certain point they've caused enough damage that their reasons don't really matter and we shouldn't be trying to sympathize with them in the first place. This situation is clearly not that. Kheil isn't a villain, just an unwitting jerk because they're a socially stunted goblin. But it does make me wonder what the treatment would be if, say, a video went up on tiktok of her intimidating a kid for skipping class. Y'know?

I can see a lot of ''OMG Kheil's a cop!'' and ''bullies belong in prison'' and ''oh no, a serial abuser! Someone get the doxx machine!!'' type junk and it really bums me out. Like, yeah, obviouysly the people she picked on didn't deserve that and appropriate consequences are in order, but eye for an eye isn't the only kind of consequence that exists, and yet it seems to be the one people default on most often. And it's not even eye for an eye, it's eye for at least half of your body.

I don't really know where I'm going with this. It's just a thought that came to mind.