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Supercell Comic


Welcome to Book 2 of the Supercell webcomic graphic novel thingy! It's been a refreshing two weeks of shutting my brain off some and stressing a bunch some lol. I have witnessed the creation of the first NSFW fanart of the comic lol. I honestly thought it'd be years before I saw that happen XD. I didn't grow the buffer quite as much as I wanted to and spent most of the time actually being on break. So I guess that's actually a good thing? I'm slowly structuring my work time in a way that'll allow me to get more done over time and keep a steady pace. Once I hit full speed I'll be making pages faster than I post them, so the buffer will just grow on its own. I'll be launching a Patreon soon and I'm thinking one of the milestones will be that if I reach a point where I can cover all of my expenses and all that junk, I'll go full time with the comic and start updating three times a week instead of two!..... But I'm getting ahead of myself lol. First thing's first. Get the ball rolling again with this comic!

P.S. I'm also finishing up the caption contest stuff, so that'll go up on the art gallery sometime soon ^^

P.P.S. I also played a bunch of Sonic Forces and I made a crap ton of OCs that I then translated into proper designs of my own, and I made arts and I will be posting them all soon, so stay tuned for that XD