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Tanni-Hal not holding back any punches! Kraon's in trouble now!!

Ok, ok, so last Friday I went to see the Game Grumps Live in Jacksonville and not only was it as rewarding as I imagined it would be but my freaking roomie got to go on stage and play a round of Mario Party 10 with them! It also ended up being a 1vs3 minigame and he got the 1 and everyone was floored when he won the game within like 3 seconds of it starting XD

He also gave Arin this pearl bow that he had which he inherited from one of our good friends too, so it was just the best night ever X3

Man, I... I really want to be able to do that one day. To have the chance of making tons of people happy and entertain the living crap out of them and just... this is what the whole point of this comic is. It's for you. I want to know that you're enjoying it and that it makes you happy and maybe that you're learning some neat life lessons like how not to treat your kids from it XD

So if you've been reading the comment and have really wanted to express your thoughts and are worried you'll bother me. Don't XD Your words mean a lot more to me than you could possibly understand haha.