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Fallan is just not having a good day today XD

Eheheheheheh I'm super hype for how this page came out. I'm always intimidated by switching scenery because it's like a new lighting situation and I have to think about brand new colors and... I don't think this will necessarily be obvious to people who aren't like professional illustrators, but I'm not suuuper great at chosing colors to work with. I feel like I'm getting better, but some pages I'm like lkajflksdjlfakjskjdf about haha.

Alrighty, the contest is now officially closed! I'll be posting the full set of entries tomorrow (Saturday) and contact the winner. Originally I wasn't sure how I was going to decide on the victor. I was trying to decide between like 5 of them and I thought maybe I could do a poll, but then someone sent me one that legit made me laugh out loud and that was it XD

I should also point out that I decided to do a bit of a modification to the prize giving. The winner can request whatever, but for the runner ups I'll also pitch in like a bust of a character of their choosing or something simple like that ^^ Check back tomorrow for prizes and shiggles!