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That first panel makes me furious XD I'm so- it's such legit rage! lol

So, holy crap do I have a buttload of things to announce. I mean, ok, it's really just two things but they're a bunch of information!

First thing's first. I am currently projecting that I will reach the end of the comic's first part on October 30th (I might be off by an update), at which point I am planning on taking a week long break, just so I can get some work ahead on starting the second part.

During that time I'm gonna be uploading a bit of a showcase of some fancy art I've gotten from artists I really admire, but I'd also like to welcome guest/fan art into that mix. So if you'd like to try your hand at making some fun things you can either post it on your favorite site, or email it to me directly at supercellcomic@gmail.com. Regardless of what you chose, do drop me a message on any site I'm on with a link to it so I can find it. I'll be posting reminders of this over the next few weeks ^^

The other "big" announcement: CONTEST TIME!!

A fabulous reader on Tapas suggested I take the below image and host a caption contest! So I'm gonna do it! Even though I have no idea how XD

The only real rules are a 3 entry per person limit, and the submission rules are the same as I just described for the fanart stuff. Optionally, you can join the Discord server and share it there (blue button on the side bar).

You have until Friday when the next update goes up to send in things! After which I'll make a page that hosts all the ones I get and subsequently chose whichever I find funniest or... have a voting of some sort if I can figure out how to do that idk XD I'm playing it by ear.

Anyway, have fun!! I'll be looking forward to it ^^