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The fluff tentacle character was inspired by a friend who told me they got into a heated argument with another friend because they claimed that "the ultimate hug can only come from a tentacle beast" but the other person got hung up on squids, so I was like "ok but what if they're thicc fluffy tentacles? And so the tentacuddle beast was born XD

Just to reiterate, this chapter is coming to an end soon. At first I estimated it'd happen on October 30th but now it's clear that it'll be on November 3rd instead, so if you're thinking about submitting some kind of fun fanart or guest art of any kind, the deadline just got a bit longer ^^ I'm still working on like a big fancy image announcement, just in case you're not reading this... tbh I don't expect most of you are, because I forget to read artist comments all the time XD