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It's bizarre drawing Kheil without like a ton of junk and blood on her face XD Also I accidentally kinda made it look like she broke a bunch of teeth in my attempts to make cartoony ones. Ah well. Live and learn XD

I see I have a bunch of comments on the last page, and I do intend to respond to them all. I'm just trying to figure out how to fix a rather odd problem with Disqus. I seem to have run into an error called thread splitting, where Disqus seems to think that www.supercellcomic.com and www.supercellcomic.com/index.html are two separate pages and thus created two paralel comment threads for the same page. I THINK I've resolved this issue for this new page and won't run into that again. But I'm a bit worried about the previous page's comments. We'll see how it goes ^^;

PS hooray for ATLA for magical water reference XD