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I know he's a jerk, but... let's be fair, Kheil IS bleeding from her face and that kiiiinda needs to get looked at. Questions about how her missing brother is not missing at all can come later.

Today's update comes with a MAJOR change to the website that... well, most of you probably won't really notice the difference (Unless this has been stressing you out forever and have been quietly wishing I'd fix from a distance XD). From now on, you'll be able to bookmark the front page and it will reliably take you to the latest page. That's really the main thing some of you might notice. Originally, because there are some Disqus features I didn't know how to use, I had a blank index page that redirected you to the latest page, but now that I've figured out how to migrate comments from one page to another, that won't be an issue anymore. Again, a lot of you probably won't even notice the change, but for some it'll be a game changer in how you keep up with the latest updates ^^