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You would think that seeing your own skull get reconstructed in front of your eyes would be pretty neat but in this case, Kheil knows exactly what this skull being present means. Hint hint, it ain't gonna be fun for her XD

I must apologize to everyone for the derp out on the comments section for page 210. Some comments were lost to the internet void and I don't think I can get them back. But at least now we have a stable comment system that actually works the way I want it to, so I'm pretty happy about that. Also, I'd be doing a bunch of cool things but lately I've been addicted to Breath of the Wild and I've been involuntarily giving it a lot of my time X_X Thankfully, it seems to be calming down, finally, so I'll be back full speed soon and I'll be able to do stuff like art streams and junk like that again 83 So keep a look out for that!