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Supercell Comic


I wish I had a good way of showcasing what all I'm up to behind the scenes in a way that makes sense and can actually give you guys a better idea of where I'm at with things. I can only list things off, for now, so:

First thing's first. You may have noticed that the last few scenes have mostly been about people exchanging information and reacting to it and it hasn't exactly... advanced the plot. This is a shortcoming I recently became aware of and have set out to rectify! On that front, I've gone in and revised the plan for the rest of this book so the rest of it can be a lot tighter and every scene (hopefully) translates into a solid feeling of progression. There's a lesson to be learned here about "show, don't tell" being a way to addess people's general tendency to tell instead of showing, but it is also possible to go way to far in the other direction. I want to elaborate more on this kind of stuff but comic page commments don't seem like the best place for it. Hmm.

I haven't been able to touch the 3D Kheil in a few days, partly because I've been so busy with stuff from my job and polishing the plan for the comic, etc. Hoping I'll have a chance to jump back in over the weekend. If not, I'm not too worried, I'll get it done when I have a chance. Thinking about making a version of it available as a Patreon download idk.

Other than that, things are going pretty ok. Still trying to put myself in a position where I can do a more active self promotional campaign. I'll get there sometime.