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It has been a crazy couple of weeks lately, hence why I haven't gotten anything done outside of just comic pages. But with tons of events come tons of stuff to talk about! First off, after talking my head off about Hollow Knight with some friends, it was requested that I do a stream of it. I meant to put an update about that on here over the weekend but it slipped past me with everything that was going on. you can still watch it here if you're interested, though!

On top of that, you can find the little banner art I made for it in the goodies section now! As of the time of posting this, it'll be sitting right in the new art bar below ^^

On Saturday, I actually went to a Sonic mini con thing where I met @AdamBryceThomas and @Angsplosion and I went up to them just hoping to nab a commission (which came out super badass and I'll need to post it!), and they ended up liking my work a bunch and I was overwhelmed with joy X3 They're fun peeps and Adam is a great artist whom you should definitely check out!

This week is still gonna be a heavily busy week, so I'm gonna get back to that!