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Oof, so the next few pages are gonna be pretty wild and I wanted to tell you a little story about that just so I can put the credit where credit is due lol.

So, normally the way it works is I'll write a script for an upcoming scene and polish it as much as I can, maybe over two or three drafts, and then my editor comes in and polishes it even further because she knows more about writing voice and dialog and stuff than I do.

For this scene, though, and especially after this point, I wrote a draft, then it was mostly overhauled, but it didn't click with me, so I rewrote it trying to incorporate the elements of the new draft, but then that was overhauled again and ultimately what ended up happening is I gave up on my ability to handle this properly, and so the next few pages are all courtesy of my editor, who I really wish would taker proper credit XD

To explain why that is will take you reading through the rest of the scene. So I can't really go into it yet and have it make sense. But the basic idea is that where my editor is very well informed on the subject of shitty parenthood and various forms of abuse, I don't realy understand them enough because they're not things I would personally even consider doing to anyone, ever, nor have I studied the subject indept on any capacity. What this ended up meaning is that the plan I originally had in stock for Nazuret at this point was... let's call it less than believable from the stand point of someone who has experienced stuff like this. So even though I don't quite understand a lot of the whys behind it, I've decided to let the person who knows what they're talking about handle the subject. I hope you guys like it ^^

Oh and hapy new year and junk!