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Ok so quick update on what's going on on my end. I did some HORRIBLE math and put myself in a situation where I might be legit out of money in the next couple of weeks until I get paid later in the month lol. But I'm not too worried. I think I just narrowly avoided overdrafting my bank account, plus I'm planning on openin commissions by the end of this weekend! So that'll help a bunch.

Also, I uploaded the family portrait from the previous page as its own standalone image, so you can check it out in the goodies page!

I'd talk more about stuff but I honestly don't have much else happening here haha. I mean I can always take questions or whatever? What kinda stuff do you guys like to see artists talk about and junk? What kinda stuff would you like to see me do more of in the future? (Yes, I'm sitll planing on filling out that Lore page more. I promise I'll get to it soon haha). I'm all ears!