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So, I completely forgot about my Saturday announcement. I'm busy and stressed out; sue me XD

If you regularly read my comments down here you know that I recently got surprised with some financial trouble. The good news is that the comic going on break in a couple of weeks will free up all my time to focus on fixing that instead of having the next deadline knocking in the back of my mind constantly. The better news is that my MVP is a total boss and drew up a solid plan on how to get out of this mess, and so far it's going quite nicely.

I don't want to specifically divulge a bunch of personal information but the general overview is that there used to be a number of tax deductions you could have if you spent money on your job or business. So if I had an Adobe subscription, I could take that off my taxes. Turns out they got rid of that, so all these expenses I thought were safe were, in fact, a problem, and now I'm expected to pay a few more thousand dollars than I thought I would. But, as I said, got it more or less under control, provided I maintain momentum on doing commissions. Sooooooooo:

-If you're interested in that, please check out the Commissions Info page.

-If a commission isn't your thing, but you still like to help me out, I also have a Ko-fi page.

- And as usual, there's also my Patreon page, which gives you access to the comic ahead of time, and in fact once I start making pages again, you'll be able to read them months before they start going up in public! I also put up my work files there, I tend to post WIPs of whatever I happen to be working on. Background information on the comic's lore and the design process for characters and props and stuff. I also have a tier where people can get access to my 3D work files, including the Kheil rig. I know right now is a bit sparse, but the break will allow me to fill that in nicely!

So what's my big announcement? Well, I realize now that it's not actually that big and I overhyped myself, BUT! You know how the comic has a bunch of background characters that are all unique and hopefully fun but you don't know anything about them because most of the time they're not even named?

WELL! Over the next couple of weeks, now that I'll have more free time, I'm gonna try and clean up the prominent languages in the comic enough to where I hopefully won't have to make more overhauls in the future. And once I do that, I'll share the details of it so you can piece together your own bits of it at your leizure. And I know you're probably going ''what? Who cares?'' and I hear you, but the premise of my little scheme here is that I'm gonna put together a little ''character profile'' template and give you guys the option of chosing background characters in the comic, naming them and filling out some of their personal details. Then I'll give them little profiles in the cast page, along with the name of whoever got to name them! gasp! I'm attaching a price tag on that, of course, and I haven't quite worked that out yet because of all the... everything I'm dealing with, but once I have a more complete setup I'll share more details about that 83

You may be wondering why I haven't offered to draw people's characters in the comic and that's because it's a bit more complicated than you'd think. For starters there would need to be some kind of rights transfer for the purposes of publishing the comic, which I know not everyone takes super seriously, but some people definitely do. But also, it can become a problem for people who hop into that while they like the comic, but if in the future they stop for whatever reason, they might not be super comfortable with the idea that their character is now in a thing they don't enjoy, etc. Stuff I don't have the energy to deal with lol

One other thing that was recently suggested to me, actually, was the idea that I could, very easily, make a bunch of the locations of the comic in 3D and make them available as Steam VR levels so people can poke around in them and I am seriously considering making that part of my patreon rewards, like as a milestone or something. I only just started thinking about that, but it's coming!!

I'm gonna... not further build this text wall and let you enjoy the comic now XD