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Oh, Oz.

So, as of this update, there are four pages left of the scene/chapter before the comic goes on an extended break. It's been a little rough latetly, what with the whole "need to make a butt load of money real fast" thing, so I didn't quite get to finish laying down the scafolding for what I'd like to do regarding that (I'll post some updates regarding that in the next couple of days). However, at least things are moving forward. For now, I do feel like I'm managing things well enough to where I can at least direct your attention, should your interest be piqued, to my commissions page, in case you'd like to get some art from moi! I currently have 4 people in my queue but I'm doing about two or three of them a week, so it's not a bad rate, haha.

For now, I hope you like this page. I know I do XD