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Oz found a thing. But what? I'll never tell XD

Hey guys so... somem stuff came up and I'm gonna be hauling real hard over the next few weeks. I just found out last night that some very important tax rules have been changed and instead of paying the roughly $1600 I thought I was gonna be paying, it might actually be closer to $4000, which is insane. Needless to say, I'm wrangling together all my options and strategies I can take to raise that money by July 15th (They apparently moved the deadline because of COVID, but I can still see this being a problem for a massive ton of people tbh ) So, you're gonna see me aggressively market like commissions and my Patreon page a whole bunch in the comic weeks. I know it might get a little annoying and I wanted to apologize about that ahead of time, but desperate times call for desperate measures and here we are heh.

I don't want to worry you guys, I'm fairly confident I can raise that money, it's just gonna suck a ton for the time being. But suddenly I'm actually really grateful that the comic is going on hiatus soon because that means I'll be able to focus on just making that money to pay off stuff.

If you'd like to help me out, I'll be posting more about it in a couple of days after I figure what all I'm gonna be pursuing to get that, and I will be eternally grateful lol. I hope you're all having a much nicer week than I am ^^;

Also, check back later today again 'cuz I'm gonna upload a new tutorial to my youtube channel!