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Let's kick off the year with an onslaught of fun stuff, aye? Not only is the comic resuming updates now but there's also a bunch of new content you can check out. I'm talking tutorials, 3D models, animations, Patreon goodies-- I have so. much. to. share.

First off, tutorials. I've made a couple since the last time, one is about just learning the basic thought process of how 3D animation works, and the second is how to take that and apply it to the 3ds Max biped, with more on the way!

Secondly, I think I menedioned this in one of the previous updates, but I did update my Patreon Page with things like guanteed monthly sketches but also access to a dropbox folder containing a bunch of behind the scenes stuff like concept art, sketches n junk. I've learned that I should convert a lot of those files into PSDs so people without Clip Studio Paint can access them (though for real, if you don't have CSP already, I highly recommend it )

But the biggest chunk of news is that I have made a public released of the Blender 2.8+ 3D model of Kheil and it is now available for download! You can ge it in a couple different ways:

ONE! You can get it directly from the Dropbox folder. This is just the rig file on its own.

TWO! You can grab either of two versions on on my new Gumroad page. The first version is, again, just the rig file, but the $10 version comes with the sample animations from the video below as well as reaiily accessible texture files.

and THREE! You can sign up on my Patreon's Cyclone tier, where you'll have access to not just all the above, but I'll also be including any new animations, models, rigs and production files for my various projects (I am currently working on a Lord Dominator rig which is turning out pretty fun!)

I am so hype! Let's. Watch. The video!