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Aah, just one day short of Halloween lol. That's ok, there's plenty of other exciting things going on. Including, but not limited to, me revamping my Patreon page a whole bunch. Changes haven't gone line yet, but they will in the next three days, or so. For starters, it's not gonna be comic centric anymore. All the comic perks will still be there, but I figured it made more sense if I included all the other stuff that I do, since I do so much, lol.

I have a bunch of new tiers that'll include access to some of my work files and a lot of concept and development work I do for the comic, like how I go about generating background characters. There'll also be tutorials and, for some tiers, art! On top of that, I'm setting up a recurring streaming schedule which starts this week on Friday! You can check it out here, if you're seeing this then.

In the cominc weeks I'm also gonna update and improve the Cast and Goodies pages to make them more efficient and less cluttery; I'm starting to conceptualize a new Lore entry; and I may also make tweaks to the Archive, though that's less of a priority atm. So yeah, fun times!

If that all sounds interesting to ya, consider joining up and supporting what I do. It helps a ton!