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Update! With about 10 days left to go on this break, I am realizing that the time I gave myself was just flat out not enough X_X So I'm gonna add an extra week. So, see you guys on the 28th ^^

TL;DR I'm taking a break from posting stuff on here until the 21st of May, but you can still get art, previews and early access stuff on my Patreon and stuff ^^

Hi friends. I need to get real with you for a sec. 400 pages is no small feat and it's super neat to have made it this far. I'm looking forward to doubling that number, haha. However, I'm not actually feeling super celebratey about it and have decided that since this happened to conveniently be the end of the scene, that I'm gonna go ahead and take a break (not a hiatus) for a bit so I can recenter and clear out my plate from a bunch of stuff that's wearing me out.

One of the things that kinda hit me like a truck is that these four hundred pages have taken almost four years' worth of time and effort, and as of right now, I'm still only getting an average of like 270 hits on update days. But I made one, half second animated loop I crapped out in an afternoon and that got nearly three times that amount of follows on other social media. That stung. A lot. I like that people are responding well to those extra bits of art I've been doing, but the effort vs pay-off of a 400 page, 4 year comic vs a one afternoon unfinished animated loop are in such stark contrast that it genuinely made me distressed. I wouldn't mind if those new followers translated to new readers more reliably, but that hasn't been the case before with anything else I've done. So eeeeeaaaaahhhhh...

Anyway, that all's like maybe 20% of a huge wave of gruh I got to experience over the past few days, hence the decision to.... well, not take time off per se, just take the stress off.

I'll still be working on the comic, just at my own pace, and I'll still be posting whatever I make on Patreon as it comes up. I just need to not be worrying about upcoming deadlines and getting the new pages out so much I'm not thinking about much else. By the time I resume updates, I should hopefully have my thoughts in order. If not, well, at least I'll have the next several scenes properly planned out and a buffer to go with it, so it's a win win either way lol. And who knows? I may be planning on launching an extra lore page or two, har har

Anyway, thanks for reading, everyone. I'm really happy you've stuck around this far and that the comic means something to you ^^ Peace!