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Supercell Comic


I'm just about to be properly finished with that Kheil model, so that's what I'm gonna be doing today! The rigging part has taken a bit longer than I would've liked because while Blender rigging does have a lot of neat, streamlined features, it does have some really dumb derps that make parts of it clunky. In any case, I will surely be making something quite fancy next week, so keep a look out for that 83

Incidentally, I've been watching Kingdom on Netflix. It's a historical fantasy drama set in Korea's Joseon period about political intrigue and zombies! This stands out because normally I could not careless about zombies and zombie related things. I literally just enjoy Zombieland and Resident Evil 4 & 5 and that's it lol. But this series is extremely well done and I highly recommend it!

Oke, back to work, enjoy the comic ^^