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So, yesterday happened. I got up at around 5 in the morning (ish), which may start being a recurring thing for me. For starters, by around 9pm I was done with life and went to bed immediately. If you're wondering, this is why the comic didn't go up last night, haha. Also watched the Grinch and Enter the Spider-verse in a weirdly fancy theater where the seats were made of leather and had complementary pillows?? And like a personal table you could swivel to put your food on in front of you??? And there was a button that automated reclining and leg raise????? It legit felt like I needed to put on a seat belt!

As for the movies, Enter the Spider-verse is everything I've been saying super hero movies could be since the beginning of the MCU, which I've always found lackluster at best and boring to death at worst. I highly recommend it! This movie adds another entry into Phil Lord's repertoire of movies I thoroughly appreciate X3

Anyway, have comic!