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Progress on 3D Kheil has actually been made!!! I'm quite thrilled about that because that means I'll be able to actually use it for fun stuff soon like quick little animations or what have you. I may possibly make a downloadable version available on Patreon if all goes well with it 8D

So, I'm just now realizing that I planned my weekend really poorly and now the monthly art for Patreon is gonna be done on the 1st rather than the 30th. I could've sworn I had scheduled everything right but I guess I was off by one day. Oh well, no biggie. It's not like I'm missing an update entirely, haha. I'll be streaming it on Saturday. I set a reminder for myself to add a banner here that links to it this time so I don't forget. I will also be streaming some hand drawn animation funs on Sunday! So drop by on those days to find a link to the stream here ^^