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Supercell Comic


Animation posted!! You can find it in the Googies page, and it's of Vice! She's a Sonic styled OC I made out of the Sonic Forces and once I hope will eventually evolve into something more legit. Anyway, it got a ton of attention on twitter recently and hopefully that means some extra readers will show up and enjoy the comic 8D

Something else that got a bunch of attention, was a take on Cynder from the Spyro games, reimagined as an adult version from Spyro Reignited. I saw Nicholas Kole did an adult version of Spyro that was really cool and I wanted to try my hand at doing a Cynder one and try emulating his style a bit, see if I could learn a thing or two and boy howdy do I have have... had... have T_T

Anyway, enjoy the page! Enjoy the art! Enjoy all the things 8D Also, on Sunday I'll probably be doing an art stream where I'll be taking sketch requests, so drop by for a link, then!