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For those of you not in the know, I actually put up pages up on Patreon earlier than I do here. It's one of the perks! After showing this one and getting some feedback, it became apparent that I really needed to make some corrections to some earlier pages in the comic in order to make certain things clearer. So, if the contents of this and the previous page were a little confusing, please refer to the newly updated pages #0017 and #0037. 0017 has actually been recropped, too, so you can see the other students better and in particular the one cowering behind the screen lol

TL;DR during the test earlier in the comic, Al's teammates turned on her and she took on all five of the other students by herself and won in the same ruthlessly callous manner as what she was going for on the first kid. This conversation is referencing that.

I've also added a bunch of sound effects to pages 3-7 and 9 so they're not like... silent images anymore. They're not super important updates but I'm thinking people might enjoy those first few pages more now ^^