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Anyone ever get that feeling that things that need to happen seem to be in a perpetual state of ''slowly falling into place'' but like... it never quite seems to get there? That's kinda where I am right now. I'm trying to get a Patreon going and I'm trying to get a buffer going and I'm trying to work ahead on a bunch of stuff. And I'm always kind of doing that but like it never seems to just get done at last X_X

I feel like I've been a lot better about it the last couple of weeks but still. Geez. I'm sorry if anyone feels let down by my recurring thing where I'm likg ''yay I'm finally ready to do X'' and then next day I'm like ''.....aaaaaaAAAAAAH HOW DO I READY??'' and like never get anywhere with it, ugh. This feels bad. But anyway I hope you enjoy the page and are having fun with the comic! Even if everything else is kinda slow and out of control, the comic is one thing I can always guarantee unless something truly disastrous happens ^^