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*air horn*

Made it to 300!! Booyah!! Man, it's crazy how this is both really gratifying and oddly undewhelming haha. On one hand, it's pretty bamf that I'm 300 pages into this project and I haven't missed a single update. On the other hand, it's really just a number and this isn't any different from the other 299 XD

Still, though! This is a fun milestone, especially because it's gonna be accompanied by me finally getting off my butt about a number of things I've been meaning to do. I have a schedule now! I don't wanna make any announcements yet because I suspect setbacks are about to happen, but they're coming! Keep an eye out!

Btw, the fact that the first page where something really clicks in Kheil's mind happened to land on page 300 is entirely coincidental. I did not plan it to be so haha.