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I have a funny story today! You know those little fruit flavoring bottle things that you squirt into water to make it have some taste? I'm not really much of a fan of those because they don't flavor flavor the water enough to soothe my taste buds, but I was recently convinced to give them a go because money is super tight and groceries on a budget kinda forced it over some actual fruit juice. Anyway, said groceries were acquired a while ago and currently my pantry is empty, save for a few things that aren't really enough to make meals with (but gosh darn it I will keep trying!). And I was craving some dessert. Problem is, at 10pm there's not really anything that's open that could provide me with dessert. So I had the brilliant idea of taking this little flavoring vial... and squirt it directly into my mouth.

Now, there's this thing that I knew existed but had never experienced it myself. It's called sensory overload, and it can make you spazz out and shut down because the world is just too much. Today, I have learned what that means.

Also, I've once again added some new art on the Goodies page!