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Don't ask about the oscar. Awards shows do nothing for me, especially with how rigged they are, haha. I've been putting a lot of effort getting myself organized over the weekend, and I'm hoping to all that is holy that I can finally get over this insane hurdle I've been stuck behind. See, I kept putting off planning and writing book 2 forever, so now I'm basically going scene by scene, and that's really not at all time efficient. So I've been trying to sort all of that into a proper outline so I can schedule some writing time every other day or whatever, and then just make tons of progress organically rather than be sitting just behind deadlines all the time. Sadly, it's been going slow because procrastination demons are demoning T_T

However, I may actually be reaching a point where that can be nailed down and I am hype for it! Will let ya know how it goes with the next update 8D

Also, I'm working on my next animated clip. If you want to see WIPs, go look at my Twitter @SupercellComic. I don't post like a whole lot, but you'll certainly see more activity from me there than just twice a week here. I also kinda tend to post more art because I don't have to spend time coding haha..