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And here we are, back with out lovable teen heroes as they go about their morning, getting ready to take on the world! Naturally, this means trying to dig up dirt on the teachers you don't like. Granted, Oz has a pretty epic reason not to like his teacher, but come on. We've all been there lol (ratemyprofessors.com anyone?)

I was super worried I wasn't gonna be able to have this done on time for multiple reasons, but I managed to take care of things and everything should be just fine. I still have a bunch to take care of, but I'm not particularly worried about it anymore. It's just gonna be a lot of busy work, not necessarily hard work. Still can't wait to be done with it all if only because I'd like to think about something else other than working all the time ^^;

Btw, if you can (and if you'd like) please take a moment to vote fo the comic on TWC (the link is just below). It's still early in the month and as long as it stays on the front page that's always some extra traffic I could really use 8D thank!