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Dun dun duuuun, Nazuret Kraon engaging his thinky thinky parts, kind of XD Clearly he's struggling with a lot of information right now and he is not happy about it. But that prompts something that's become a bit of a discussion point lately and it is the subject of child neglect and abusive relationships and whether or not this really counts. I feel the responsibility of unpacking that because it's a subject that a lot of people only understand on a very superficial level. That said, it's also something I'd have to think about, plan and research a bit more before providing any reliable feedback or information since I wouldn't want to mislead anyone.

That said, in this particular argument, Tanni-hal IS right and Nazuret's treatment of Kheil is flat out not ok, and if you find yourself questioning that, I strongly recommend that you also do your own research and not just take my word for it. The nature of abusive relationships, mental breakdowns, psychological issues arising from them, etc, are very extensive topics and absolutely worth your while... One caveat, though, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't just read stuff on tumblr (if you happen to be on there. It's true that you can find SOME well meaning and well informed people who know what they're talking about on the subject, but there's a lot of uninformed parroting and misinformation that I think ultimately detracts from the progress they're trying to make on the subject.