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Supercell Comic


Haha, guys, guess what? Apparently, Supercell has won a couple of Excellence in Webcomics awards from StartFaire for 2017!

The categories were Excellence in Science Fiction, and Excellence in Art!

I gotta be honest, I'm not much of an awards person, but that's still like... really neat? Like, I saw their ad thing for submissions and I was like "eh, got nothing to lose, it could be a little boost in exposure," I never actually thought I'd win haha. So that's super charming and I'm very elated.

In other news, I dropped the ball over the weekend and got addicted to Hollow Knight AGAIN and didn't any work at all lol. So I'm back at square one, but that's ok, I got it out of my system and I'm back on top of things >83 I am committing to opening up commissions by the end of this week, and this time I actually have a plan!

In unrelated news, the Tangled season finale just came out and it is in-credible.