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Here we begin to see just a teeeeeeensy bit more of what's going on. If only Nazuret wasn't so secretive lol. Btw for those of you wondering, while you can pronounce these characters' names however ya feel like it, the "correct" one for Kraon is closer to crown than it is crayon. Funfact of the day haha.

Things are finally moving forward on some fronts that have been stalling out for a bit here. I had to sit down and organize everything that's gonna be happening in this book 2 of the series and not only is it kind of a lot (I'm super intimidated by it right now), but I had to fit everything together in a way that makes sense and all. That's aaaaaaalmost done now, and this week I'll be focusing on writing the script for the next scene after this. I'm really hoping people are gonna have fun with all the incoming shenanigans X3