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I'm posting this super early because I did not get enough sleep last night and I wanna go catch some Zs (pun not intended) ahead of time and hopefully be all energized and crap tomorrow.

So a very interesting comment came up in the last page. It was an acknowledgement of my taking the neglectful parent trope you see a lot of in YA stories, except instead of sticking to it like you would normally expect, I'm having someone confront Kraon about it and we're seeing that play out now.

That got my attention because I'm like... super critical of stuff I watch and read, etc, and a lot of people usually don't like that about me because I'll watch a movie they really like and walk out of it upset because it's got all these problems... I never really understood the pattern as to why that was, but I get it now!

It's not that I dislike the specific movies or books because of the problems that they have. And I know this because I have plenty of random movies that I love even though I still acknowledge a bunch of problems in them. The thing that gets to me and prevents me from liking so many things, is that I keep seeing the same problems over and over ad nauseum.

In the Young Adult genre all adults must be incompetent so the younger characters can have the spot light. Stories where the main character gets to throw their weight around and do obnoxious, dumb, destructive things and getting away with it with no one calling them out or there ever being any consequences for their actions. Characters who live by the rule of logic meaning they're basically human computers and don't understand emotions or how logically emotions play a role in the world and therefore they themselves are illogical. Ya know, crap like that? I keep seeing variations of the same kinds of tropes all over the place and they're never particularly deeply thought out or executed in ways that make much sense beyond "the writer needed this to happen so the plot could move forward." And I've been sick and tired of it forever. And now I understand why XD And that's why so much of what I write for Supercell goes in almost the opposite direction of what you'd imagine a lot of these tropes would. I HOPE you see that in play and that it's one of the reasons you're reading this and liking it X3.