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I like how immediately after getting the impulsive terror out of her system, Kheil immediately becomes competent again. As some of you... well, maybe like two of you may know, I do crossfit in the mornings. Every week or so they write up a new inspirational quote on the whiteboard at the place, and they had a really cool one recently which I think was a good analog for what Kheil's character is going to be as we go deeper into the comic. It goes:

"Under pressure, you don't rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training"

I wanted to properly credit it, but apparently it was "heard from a Navy Seal" which is vague. Further research yielded that it's a slight rewording of a quote by a Greek poet named Archilochus! I mean that's all kinda irrelevant right now, but funfacts XD

Point being, I'm looking forward to when I get the chance to have Kheil show what she's actually capable of!