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Man, this week has been nuts. I got to watch the new Duck Tales, which I'm absolutely in love with. But then I wouldn't expect any less from the Wander team X3 Also got my hands on Sonic Mania and it is... fine. That's the best I can say for it lol. It's not bad, but if anyone wasn't in love with the Sonic series already, this game is not gonna cause any kind of epiphany.

Anyhow, actually really proud of this page. I was a little disappointed with a few things in the previous page (which I actually intend on reworking), so it's uplifting that this one got a lot closer to what I wanted out of it. Especially since it's all dramatic and junk.

As usual, gonna try to stream again on Saturday if I get the chance, though I have a few things going on this weekend so I'm not sure I'll be able to make it. Keep an eye out!