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I decided to set up the website portion of the update early today, so I haven't even finished the page at this point and don't know what I'll have to say about it when that moment comes.

I got my first Ko-fi donation from an annonymous source. To whoever that was, thank you! Sincerely. Best way to start the day haha X3

If you've been wondering "where are these big announcements you keep alluding to every so often?" I promise I'm working on it. It's just been hard lately because I only recently got over a rut I was trapped in for a while and I'm just getting back into the swing of things. I just got a new cheap laptop that I can use for the purposes of writing and planning stuff with the point being that sitting at my work computer all the time gets old, fast. So, now I can go get comfortable somewhere else and just do the work I wanna do without feeling clogged up. I'm gonna try and put some speed into things.