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Supercell Comic


Funny thing is, I originally put some grumbly sound effects coming out of Kheil in that middle panel, but realized that I was chuckling more at it when she just sat there like she had something to say but couldn't so much as make a sound because she's just that out of it XD

I just noticed that as of right now, Supercell is #30 on the webcomic list! super thrilled about that and I hope all the people coming in from there are enjoying it enough to keep coming back X3

Also I fixed the RSS feed, I think. The new site structure I'm using now has made it a bit tricky to put together the updates because I have to think a bunch about URLs before uploading anything but I think I'm finally getting used to it. So yay!

As I mentioned a few updates ago, the end of this first part of the story is just around the corner and I'd like to take maybe a week's worth of a break when that happens just to get my bearings. In the mean time I'd love to host some guest comics or fanart or whatever, if anyone's interested! But I'll make a big announcement about that in a few days, since right now I'm still organizing my thoughts on the matter. I shall keep you all posted ^^