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If I played my cards right, the dominoes should be falling one by one like a jenga tower 8D

I can't spend a lot of time celebrating stuff currently because, as I think I mentioned on the last update, I have a LOT going on right now with an insane deadline coming up, so that's at the front of my priorities.

So far, three out of the eight pages I need to have complete by the 19th are done and I should have the next one done tomorrow. Then and only then will I be able to "relax" lol. Even then I'll still be preoccupied with upcoming things like... idk the end of the first part of this story and writing at least the first chunk of part two so I can actually keep making pages... Speaknig of which, I'm gonna go ahead and estiamate that this first part will end by maybe the end of June. I don't know what specific date that'll be, and I intend to make a bigger announcement asap, but I'm fully welcoming fanart/guest comics/anything you might like to contribute so I can have maybe an extra week or two to work on that new content and build up my buffer a bit. I'm still trying to rein everything going on under control, but I guess I do have to plan for the future a little bit so we can burn that bridge when we get there.