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Speaking of "saved by the bell" as Al bolts for the door the first chance she gets haha.

Dunno if you noticed but I recently made a character height lineup. It's both in the cast page and under art in the goodies page. It also has some basic color palettes which range from pretty useful to wtf as is the case with our bat friendo.

And speaking of adding art to the site, you may have also noticed that I updated the code for viewing images! You can now zoom and pan around images that are bigger than your screen; which is pretty useful when they're mini comics or some such. But also, I'm gonna be posting some shiny new sketches and fanarts I've got from readers =3 So there's that to look forward to this week.

And lastly, I guess I'm just generally making progress on stuff. It's been a bit slow lately because I've had so much random crap to do besides this, but I'm sloooowly carving away at the things I need to get done, and soon I'll actually have the first entry in the Lore section of the website! *gaaaasp* know, I know. Shocking! Will try to have that up in the next couple of weeks or so. We'll see how it goes XD