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Supercell Comic


Alright! Big update today! I have gone ahead and overhauled the profile pieces on the Cast Page, with brand new descriptions for some of the characters that are more true to form. And now they even include the characters' names written in their native languages 8D

Notably, I finally got around to including a profile image for out winged friendo here. I've had the image ready for a while, but I wanted to do the makeover on the presentation before I put it up. Doesn't have a revealed name yet, since their name hasn't come up in the comic, but heck you might be able to decipher some of it if you break the code with the other names XD XD

Just twenty pages away from two hundred. Holy crap! It feels like the hundredth update just happened... I mean, I guess it kinda did, back in May, so these seem to be nicely spread out to about 100 pages a year. I can live with that, haha. Keep an eye out for more things coming up soon ^^