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Supercell Comic


So, lately I'm finally having a bit more time to spread my focus a bit now that my buffer is back to two pages ahead of the update schedule. This is great for me because I finally get to take care of some of the other things I've been meaning to do. Including, but not limited to, maybe opening up art commissions soon and getting the lore and support pages set up.

The Lore page will include some superficial information about the comic and the world it's set in, but after that it'll start getting fleshed out via Q&A so I can focus on specific information people would like to know.

The support page will have some fun stuff like icons of different sizes, but the part I'm most excited about is I'll be setting up a patreon page soon, which will enable me to set up things like regular art streams with some accountability, which ensures I actually do it haha. But that does lead to the big question I wanted to get your opinions on!

I'm currently thinking up tiers and rewards and while I've come up with a few ideas of my own I'm also curious to hear what you guys would be interested in. Feel free to make any suggestions you like, if nothing else, it'll be great help brainstorming ^^

By the way, no I'm not gonna be hiding the comic behind a paywall or anything. Mostly the rewards will just be extra stuff that I hope is fun for people. I don't want to make you guys feel obligated to contribute, so no pressure ^^