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No child of Nazuret Kraon is incapable of defending themselves in some capacity!

First post of 2017 couldn't have been flashier heheh. Posting this a little earlier than normal because I doubt I'll be awake at midnight, and also the last update was almost late, so this is my apology to you guys, haha.

This panel is my favorite thing I've ever done XD Credit is due in no small part to my editor who also sometimes plays layout artist and in this case she showed off like a freaking pro!

By the by, if you're unfamiliar with TopWebcomics, it's a website where people online can go vote on their favorite comics and they get ranked. The top 100 get hosted on the front page, but as you can guess, those spots get grabbed up pretty quickly by the more known ones. The only exception is the very first day of each month when the vote counters get all reset back to 0, giving up and coming webcomics a chance to get some extra exposure if they can get enough people to put them on the front page for a few hours. Over the weekend, I made a push to see if I could get enough votes for it and I am happy to announce that we got to sit on the front page for a few hours and got somewhere around 30 new people to drop by and check out the comic! Hopefully some of those will stick around. But for now I'm just celebrating the achievement, haha.

I got a few other announcements that'll come up over the next few updates, including a mini event thing I wanna do involving a combo Q&A/live art stream, but I'm still figuring out the logistics of things and working out my schedule, so I'll keep you guys posted on that ^^