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Between my job and this comic I have a healthy amount of work to do every week, and I still have a bunch of free time on top of it, surprisingly. Time that I should probably spend actively recharging rather than thinking about the stuff I need to do.

Last week I reached a point where I actually burned out a little bit and didn't feel like working on anything. Sadly, as a professional artist, I don't have the luxury of putting up with burn out or art blocks or whatever, so even though I decided to go ahead and take a few days off just to get my rest in, I now find myself in a position where not only do I need to force myself back to work, but I need to play catch up with my comic quota.

Normally, I make two pages a week and have an extra week in my buffer to cushion things in case I'm ever unable to work. Sometimes, when I eat into it, I make three or four pages that week just to catch up. As of now, I have no buffer (in fact, I finished this page just a few hours ago lol), so this is gonna be a week where I have to do three more pages in the remaining three days to be on par XD.

It's nothing I haven't done before, it's just daunting in the middle of a burnout I can't do anything about. Story of my life, haha.