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Supercell Comic


I love, love, love the way the lighting came out on this. I was honestly not expecting it to turn out this nice. In fact, I was pretty sure it was gonna be one of my weaker pages because I hadn't been doing direct lighting for most of the comic due to the rainy overcast. I feel like I've learned a few things here which I hope will stick so I can carry them into the futur of my work because simplifying things is always a time and brain saver.

Adding a quick note to this because I just learned something very important. There's a fine line between "unique character that fills the background" and "unique character that looks important enough to join the main cast" and based on some of the feedback I've gotten for this, this one seems to have crossed that line.

I don't want to raise anyone's hopes and then have it feel like a broken promise later down the line, so I should point out that, no she's not a new player on the big picture scope. That said, I kinda feel obligated to at least have her be a recurring face, so it doesn't feel like I threw a way a cool design out the window haha. I have learned a valuable lesson this day.