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This page introduced a handful of tiny issues that I'm gonna have to fix in the next few days, and I wanna let you know about it so it doesn't seem like it came out of nowhere later. See, originally, when I wrote the script, I had that big silly joke set up where Kheil does her little scouting mission in an hour and then gets questioned for it with no explanation or feasability. And that was great for that little gag. But then I got to this page and realized that Al and Loksan would not have been able to do everything they were gonna do in that span of time and get back here. It's a strange logic gap that bothers me a little too much to let it go unchecked.

So, what I'm gonna do is actually go back to where the time stamps started on page 121, and widen the time span from 6:07pm to a much earlier time by a few hours, and change the joke at the end of the scene with Oz, since her finding a bunch of people in several hours isn't as funny as breaking physics haha.

This is how storytelling works, though. You're constantly finding things that need tweaking and revising, and a lot of the time you catch it before it goes live. This was not one such case, but the great thing about webcomics is that you can update things accordingly, and as long as you're not making major plot beat changes, you're generally pretty safe from retcon hell. In my case, all I'm doing is changing time stamps, which is not really something that affects the plot in any way or form. So I'm pretty confident in that tweak. Still figured I'd let you guys know because some might go back and read and see things have changed a bit and I don't want you to feel like I'm cheating with the writing XD