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Supercell Comic


Welcome to the new version of the website!
Starting now, there are comment boxes all over the place! Well, more or less. The comic pages and the "about" page now have the ability for you to interact, comment, ask questions, etc.

I also added a nifty side bar over here *points to the left* which will link you directly to social media related outlets where I am also available.

And if you feel so inclined, I added a paypal donation button because I could always use the support XD I also plan on starting a Patreon soon, so hopefully I'll be able to provide some fun goodies.

And speaking of goodies, check out the new page where I've put up sketches, illustrations and fanarts, as well as links to other comics I like.

I'm still building some parts of the site, and I'll let you guys know when that happens via another comment like this one, but also the shiny new RSS feed will let you know too ^^
Gosh this is exciting.