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welcome to the world of supercell

Within the walls of a secret, high-tech and blood-magic military training facility masquerading as a snobby, rich kid school, Kheil Nazuret, the foreboding headmaster's hot-headed daughter, seeks to prove her worth as a leader.

Her efforts to overcome her near total lack of social skills and her father's unrealistic expectations uncovers a sinister plot that threatens her home.

Supercell is a story that distinctly revolves around Kheil and her character arc. But it wouldn't be inaccurate to also call it an ensemble cast. I'm often annoyed by a lot of Young Adult stories because it seems like the younger characters are alwas central to them for the sole reason that the adults they are surrounded by are completely incompetent. I wanted to take a different route and write a story where the adult characters that the kids admire are actually worthy of that respect while also forcing the kids to have to rise to those challenges.

I like to describe it as "imagine a magic school setting with the narrative weight of Fullmetal Alchemist except everyone's a Digimon." The world building involves what I call "magically scrambled phenotype," a concept which is really just an excuse for me to come up with all kinds of wildly different designs on a whim, where normally they would all just be one species, human or otherwise.

I hope you enjoy the ride!