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Supercell Comic


As I suspected last week when I posted that update, I have started writing again! It's refreshing jumping back into it without having the pressure of everything weighing down on my shoulders lol. but today I want to focus on these two gorgeous pieces by Abshiki and LikeableArtist respectively.

The first one was actually a random art trade we did on a whim via Pillowfort, and the second one was just kind of a fun surprise X3. I like to hope that the background characters in the comic are generally fun for people to look at, so it makes me happy that some of them actually make that strong of an impression X3

Please go follow these two artists, they're a lot of fun!

I also just realized I've been sitting on a bunch of fanart I never got around to uploading on the goodies gallery, so I'm gonna be showcasing those soon, as well!